Implementing Taboola's Ads.txt File

In order to declare Taboola as an authorized seller, please add the following to the ads.txt file on your root domain.,{Backstage.pubID},DIRECT,c228e6794e811952,{Backstage.pubID},RESELLER,c228e6794e811952,71451,RESELLER, 71451, RESELLER, 8603, RESELLER, 156307, RESELLER, 5d62403b186f2ace, 3364, RESELLER, 183756, RESELLER, 560382, RESELLER, z87wm, RESELLER, 1a4e959a1b50034a, 16698, RESELLER, 0bfd66d529a55807, ad9de41d28d494354b23133f26f83122, RESELLER, 1a12a7e3f84fe560ccf95a3a73043abb, RESELLER

The backstage_pub_id is your unique Taboola ID. Please note, some publishers can have multiple publisher IDs, one for every "site". In that case, the publisher will need to implement the ads.txt lines with the relevant backstage_pub_id per site. Please expect an email from Taboola including your specific publisher ID(s). If you’re unsure how to find your publisher ID(s), feel free to contact your account manager, or email support at [email protected]

Taboola has recently been verified by TAG. As included in the lines above, Taboola's TAG ID is c228e6794e811952.